The "Get Your Green On"
Healthy Philosophy - -
What is it all about?

The "Get Your Green On" Healthy Philosophy
addresses the naked truth about our lives: that mental
and physical health are intricately connected to being
exposed to nature, greening our environment, and
building community.

The philosophy is simple and is built on years of my
own experience in trying to overcome overwhelming
health issues. What I discovered is that when I get
outside in the natural environment I feel better - not a
little better a LOT better, both mentally and physically.
Living healthier by greening and building community
also contributes to this overall feeling of well-being.

Soon, it became evident that I had discovered a
"miracle cure" for myself. In trying to learn about the
realities surrounding my own health, I had discovered
a way to feel healthier, less stressed, and more
energetic. As I continued to practice my philosophy I
began to both look and feel much better than I ever
had before.

Surprisingly, during the course of researching my own
health issues, I learned that Americans use more
anti-depressants and pharmaceuticals than any other
country in the world. It seems to me that Americans
also have more advantages and more opportunity to
be happy and satisfied in life than any other nation -
why do they have a need for medicating themselves
at an alarming rate?

This shocking information demonstrated that I was not
the only person to feel ill, stressed, and overwhelmed.
Others need and want to feel good about their
lifestyles too; people need to take advantage of the
opportunities to live a healthier lifestyle.

After several years of practicing the "
Get Your Green
On" Healthy Philosophy
, I decided to write a self-help
book to share my philosophy with others who might
need encouragement to understand how easy it is to
have a healthier lifestyle. The book, called
, is a simple guide to greening a household,
getting mentally and physically fit, and building a
stronger support network and community.

There are three components to the
"Get Your Green
On" Healthy Philosophy.
The very basics of each plan
are outlined on this website and you can link through
to them by clicking the labeled links on this page. You
can also purchase
Gardening Nude to experience the
plans with detailed explanations and examples of
success stories of other people who have done
exciting things to make a difference in their lives and
the lives of others by living a healthier lifestyle. This
makes it easy to get started.

The Plans:

The Go Green Health Plan - by utilizing the plan
you can feel more energized and full of well-being. It
teaches you how to have more energy and feel great.
If I can feel like this, so can you!

The Green and Simple Conservation Plan is a
common sense guide to using conservation. While
teaching greening techniques, it will also help you by
reducing your utility bills, improving your home value,
and reducing your families chemical exposures.

Building a Green Community is one of the most
important items for the
Get Your Green On Healthy
.  Volunteering and working with others in
the community helps you to build emotionally
satisfying relationships while you're doing something
good for the world.  This is a great way to improve
your mental outlook, be less isolated, and feel better
about yourself and your community.

These basic parts of the
Get Your Green On Healthy
can point you to a healthier lifestyle.  It
has been a life-altering discovery for me - perhaps it
will be for you too.  I want you to feel healthy, look
healthy, and BE healthy so you can live a life with less
stress, depression and pressure.

Remember - A Healthy World and A Healthy YOU!
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