Gardening Nude is a common sense guide as well as a motivational
self-help book teaching individuals and corporations alike how to
achieve greener and healthier living. Shawna Lee Coronado
demonstrates through the
Get Your Green On Healthy Philosophy, a
three part system which includes a Health Plan, Greening and
Conservation Guide, and Building A Green Community Plan that
becoming mentally and physically healthier is a snap when you are
living a green lifestyle.

The term “gardening nude” is a metaphoric expression which means
to strip away the negative excuses and feelings, get off your fanny,
and get out into nature to better improve your health and lifestyle.

Gardening Nude
teaches the world how the combination of reduced
stress, green living, and building relationships can create a positive
attitude at work, at home, and in life.

For over ten years, Shawna lived with stress and severe health issues.
Living with constant pain, allergies, and asthma led her to take over a
dozen prescriptions per day. Miserable, ill, and desperate, Shawna
took on the medical establishment and built the
Get Your Green On
Healthy Philosophy
in hopes of finding a way to improve her mental
and physical health.

By practicing this simple Philosophy Shawna was able to improve her
health remarkably within a short period of time. She now takes only
three medications per day and feels better than she ever has. It soon
became apparent that the true nature of her green philosophy
empowered her to improve both her physical and mental health.
Effectively, it became a miracle cure for her unhealthy lifestyle and
changed her mindset from negative to positive.

Included in the book are features about real-life people and
corporations who are living the life and setting a green example for
the world to follow. Quoted in
Gardening Nude are authors and
medical experts such as integrative medicine specialist, Andrew Weil,
M.D.; alternative healing specialist, David Edelberg, M.D.; asthma and
allergy specialist, Nirmala Arora, M.D.; depression expert and mental
health professional, Richard O’Connor, Ph.D.; and many other non-
medical experts on greening and conservation such as authors Mr. Al
Gore, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Ph.D., and Richard Louv, Ph.D.

Beyond the features and guides within
Gardening Nude, there is also a
handy resource appendix listing websites and contact information for
experts and institutions within all the categories referred to in
Gardening Nude. As a special surprise, Shawna has included a
mysterious hidden message in the book. This message is green and
inspiring, of course, and a clue on how to find the message is detailed
at the rear of the book by the
Gardening Nude mascot, Harry the Pug.

Shawna's heartwarming story and energetic guidance will encourage
you to build a healthier and greener lifestyle.

Gardening Nude now and start teaching
yourself, your employees, and the world that you CAN make a
difference and feel great every day!

Get Healthy! Get Green! Get Community!
Ideas for Personal Use:

  • Guidebook to conservation and greening
    for your family
  • Educate family on how to improve mental
    and physical health
  • Perfect for a friend or family member
    struggling with health or stress issues
  • Thank you gift
  • Greening guide
  • Holiday or teacher gift

Ideas For Corporate Use:

  • Educate your employees on conservation
    and greening for work and for home
  • Inspire positive and healthy attitude at the
  • Decrease sick and absent days by
    improving the health of your employees
    who follow this guide
  • Employee "Greening" Manual
  • Give this book away at your next corporate
  • "Green" customer gift
  • Use as a Human Resources guide to
    corporate health and wellness
  • New employee gift
  • Reduce stress guide
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Shawna discusses the below issues  in Gardening Nude:

  • Why Shawna has significantly changed her mental and physical health for the better through greening.
  • How you can reduce stress and discover more energy.
  • What is happiness and how do you find it?
  • Why "flow" is an important aspect of good mental health.
  • What serotonin is and how can it improve mood.
  • How to take charge of your own health and build a good health plan.
  • Why health and greening are intimately connected.
  • How greening can improve your health and change your life for the better.
  • How easy it is to build a simple conservation and greening plan.
  • Why building relationships with family and community can improve your life.
  • How you can reduce isolationism, crime, and health problems by greening and community.
  • Why positive "modeling" might save the lives of future generations.
  • How employers can contribute to your greening and better health.
  • Why it is easy to attain "The Good Life" with mindfulness.
  • How you as an individual can make a difference for humanity.

Quotes From The Book:

Defining gardening nude:  "Gardening Nude is getting out in nature (while remaining fully clothed)
to strip away the excuses, the emotional baggage, and the stress by improving your lifestyle and living

About Shawna's life of poor health before she began following a greening-related health plan:  
"I was ill, off and on year round, with constant sinus infections, bacterial infections, and bronchitis. Also, I
often had yeast infections and suffered symptoms related to endometriosis. More often than not I was in
physical pain. Excruciating pain would radiate from my abdomen, my back, and most often my head and face."

How Shawna's philosophy changed her life:  "When I get outdoors and work in nature I feel better -
not a little better - a lot better, both mentally and physically. Ultimately, by developing and following the
Get Your Green On Healthy Philosophy, I learned how to turn around my poor mental and physical
health practices which I had been trapped in for twenty years." ..."it [the health plan and 'gardening nude']
became a miracle cure..."

Shawna says feeling healthier is systemic and connected to the environment: "You want to know how to
feel better in your life - how to be less stressed, less depressed, and more satisfied? I believe the answer is in
learning the connection between your brain and the environment. Seeing your life as a whole, versus treating
individual parts of your body, will help you achieve overall well-being."

Practicing greening and conservation basics: "Practicing home conservation means you can save hundreds,
sometimes thousands, of dollars every year in utility bills. By practicing conservation, while you are saving
money, you also save the earth and get healthier. There is much more to conservation than simply conserving
water or electricity. Conservation is also about saving our land, and the precious life and natural resources on
that land. It is practicing safety by utilizing chemicals that are better for the environment and safer for
humans. Ultimately, it is taking responsibility for yourself and your family’s ecological footprint on our

Why community should be a strong part of your greening plan: "Building family community gives you a
healthier brain and body. Building a green neighborhood community improves property values and reduces
crime. Building a positive work community helps us cope better with stress and perform better. Combine
these, and make community a large part of your life. The friendships you build will become your support
network and enrich your life for as long as you live."

The reason for writing Gardening Nude: "The reason I wrote this book is because I want to inspire more
people to live a healthy lifestyle. Imagine the world as I do: a world filled with less stress, less depression,
less cruelty, and less suffering. A world filled with far more kindness and good health. A greener and more
caring world for our children to live in. A giving world!"
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