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Shawna's goal is to inspire the world, with her dynamic personality and
infectious enthusiasm,  to get off the couch and get out into the
natural environment to improve physical and emotional health!

Shawna Lee Coronado is the author of the critically acclaimed book,
Gardening Nude, which is a guide for living a green lifestyle.
She is the CEO of The Casual Gardener and MAD 4 World Enterprises, a
newspaper columnist, energetic speaker, and environmental and health
correspondent with over eighteen years of experience with sales, marketing,
and public relations.

Building community and educating others on how to do so has become
Shawna's driving passion since she experienced a dramatic life
transformation. After suffering for many years with severe stress and illness
which included non-stop allergies, mind-numbing migraine headaches, and
year-long bronchitis bouts, Shawna took command of her lifestyle. She
downsized, built her own company, and started her life over from scratch;
ignoring conventional wisdom and creating her own healthier way of living
and conducting business.

Shawna has two blogs - the green lifestyle blog,
Gardening Nude, and a
gardening blog,
The Casual Gardener, which is based on her
original newspaper column. The Casual Gardener educates the online
community on sustainable gardening, home vegetable production, and
techniques for every day homeowners to save money and feed the hungry
during a down-economy. Her goal with the blogs and online presence is to
better the world through community involvement and simple living.
Learn more about Shawna and her inspirational business success story at

She has been featured on ABC News (Chicago),
WGN 9 News (Chicago), Oklahoma Gardening TV, Local Access 10 TV,
WGN Radio, The Mike Nowak Radio Show, and More Hip Than Hippie.
Special written features on Shawna can be found on CNN Health, Chicago
Tribune Local, and The Daily Herald
Media Coverage for further information).

Shawna speaks internationally on building community, simple living, and
green lifestyle tips for the everyday person. She consults for corporate
entities as well, educating on how green living can reduce expenses and
enhance business by improving sales. Shawna also focuses on social
media as a marketing tool. She often speaks on how social media is a
"green lifestyle" concept which can be successfully implemented by her
readers and their businesses. For example, Free State Social is one of her
keynote speaking events in the 2010 season -
Free State Social.

To contact Shawna regarding potential speaking opportunities or to ask
questions about green and simple living, please send an email to

To order Shawna's green lifestyle guide book, Gardening Nude, please
follow this

Follow Shawna at these additional social media locations as well:

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You can find Shawna staying healthy by working regularly in her
garden in the western suburbs of Chicago with the family dog
and mascot, Harry the Pug.